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Whether you’re an at home entertainer or someone who simply loves a good tipple after hours, having the right tools and ingredients, and of course cocktails, on hand is key to enjoying those moments stress free!

Here is my guide to being the hostess with the mostest and the house to go to for that bar at home vibe!

Let’s start with the essentials, every home needs a few crowd favourites to get the evening started, we have batched the perfect cocktails for any event, and they are ready to go! No fussing over squeezing limes, mixing, and shaking like crazy. Here is my list of the basics, every home needs:


Our Premium Margarita Tarti Margi is the life and soul of the party, she is just a wee bit sweet, loves freshly pressed limes and only premium tequila.



Espresso Martini

Gin martini

Choosing which cocktails to serve when you have a few people coming over can be difficult as some love Tequila, some prefer Gin and others love any vodka base. So, make sure you have the perfect mix on hand that will always cater to everyone. Lucky our bags come in large format, and you can expect to get roughly 6 serves from our 750ml and 12 from our 1.5L bags.

You can start off with our essentials pack and choose you combination that suits you best.

Next up, you should always have garnishes ready to go, this adds flavour and elegance to anything you serve.

No Matter how good the cocktail is, a garnish on top is just as important as what’s in the glass! Salt and dried fruit are the perfect companions to any cocktail, they look great, last forever and add flavour that compliments the drink.

You can find all of my garnishes online and each cocktail has a recommendation of what to pair it with.

Now if you don’t have something fabulous to drink it out of, then you’re make sure you stock up ASAP!

I recommendation a variety of glassware ranging from coupes, tumblers, and non-breakable ones. Most cocktails will be perfectly served in a tumbler over ice, but a martini just isn’t same if it isn’t served in a martini glass!

A few other essentials to have on hand that will ensure you’re at home cocktails are just perfect:

Cocktail shaker, 500ml is a good size if you want to mix a few up at a time.

Large ice cube tray – This makes a world of difference and adds elegance to your drink!

Ice bucket to keep things chilled and allow guests to top up as necessary

Beautiful tray to serve your drinks on!

Now that you are all set, stock up, invite over some guests and tag us so we can see just what kind of hostess you are!