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Everyone has a version of the classic Old Fashioned, there are the purists and others are experimentalists - we fall in to the later.

Either way we can all agree that the creation of this cocktail is worthy of celebration. And Today is the start of a week long celebration of this Fabulous cocktail.

The Old Fashioned was first referenced around 1806, but it wasn’t the Old Fashioned as we know it today. In fact, an Old Fashioned was the first name people started calling cocktails, and it referenced a style of mixology.
These Old Fashioned recipes included all types of spirits from gin to mezcal, much like the Old Fashioned fusions of today. 

This was the case into the 1860’s when it became even more common for people to order bitters, water and sugar with their favorite spirit of choice.
But it was In 1882, a bartender in Chicago reported that the most popular incarnation was an “old-fashioned” made with rye whiskey.

Ours is made with a Spicy rum and instead of a lump of sugar, we have blended rose and vanilla for a smooth slightly sweet flavour!

Gets your and sip in our award winning Old Fashioned for its week long celebration!