Glassware is back, Polycarbonate and cocktail coupes

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Finding a sustainable way to package our delicious cocktails, was the reason why we opted to use Astrapouch's unique eco-friendly pouches. 

A 2019 life cycle assessment of the Finnish brand Koskenkorva Vodka, comparing the greenhouse gas emissions of vodka packaged in glass and recyclable PET plastic bottles, found the carbon footprint of the glass vodka bottles to be roughly 27 percent more than the PET bottles. Additionally, when using the glass bottle, packaging accounts for 43 percent of the product’s entire carbon footprint, and nearly half that, 24 percent, when calculating for the recyclable PET plastic bottle.

On average, a 750-milliliter bottle of liquor produces 6.5 pounds of carbon dioxide, the majority of which comes from the distillation process and glass packaging.

Our pouches weigh far less than other options which means an 80% lower carbon footprint and they stay fresher longer due to their unique pressure-flow tap system which does not allow any oxygenation of the product? So, lower carbon footprint + less waste! 

We also use local ingredients and where we cannot get it local we use the circular economy to access those products.

If you have been put off of by the packaging, think about the fact that it is 80% less wastage than their glass bottle equivalent. Easy to travel with, easy to store and a lot less glass to get rid of when it's done! And they are delicious!

We LOVE a conscious consumer ❤️ So go on, buy some!