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Whether you are expecting some house guests this long weekend or planning a party with our delicious cocktails, pairing your cocktails with the perfect canapes will elevate your at home entertaining and ensure you get the most out of your cocktails! The flavours of both should enhance and complement each other, below we have outlined the best cocktail and canape combinations!


Gin is not that heavy on the palate, so for any gin cocktail, some bruschetta with tomato or anchovies make the perfect pair. Mixing these two flavours together will perfectly complement each other.

If you are drinking our Tricky Vicki Gin Martini, this will go well with oysters, sashimi, scallops, and any other raw fish dish. Impress your guests with this combination and become the hostess with the mostess!


Whiskey is much richer in taste than gin. Because it is dark alcohol, there are a plethora of different dishes that go well with whiskey. Charcuterie is not only for wine, but if you are going to drink whiskey, make sure your board is heavy on the salami, prosciutto, and truffles. You will definitely thank us later!

Whilst our Vintage Vinny is not made with Whiskey, the rich flavor is ideally suited to these canapes, or saved for the dessert plate, any banana or caramel dish would suit it perfectly!


Thinking of serving our Cruisy Cali Mai Tai or Naughty Nina Pina Colada? Well, these refreshing drinks pack powerful citrusy flavours that go well with spicy, fruity dishes. Try serving either of these with a spicy kingfish ceviche, peri peri prawns or Mango salsa . But you can also pair it with a light snack such as crudites and pesto or anything served with mint or basil.


For all the fans of our infamous Cosmo Carrie Cosmopolitan, a cheese platter or prawn cocktail would be an ideal match made in heaven. 


This list wouldn’t be complete without suggesting the best snack that goes with our fabulous Margi. Margaritas with a generous amount of salt on the rim of the glass go well with ceviche, crudo or simply corn chips and salsa. They complement the flavour of the margarita so well.

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If you are looking for the best cocktails without the hassle of hiring a bartender for your next function, make sure you stock up on our range of perfectly batched cocktails for every occasion and taste preference, and impress your guests with cocktails they would typically expect to get in a bar.