Combining functional and iconic our pouches are easy to open, easy to carry, fridge-friendly, quick-chilling and will stay fresh for up to 6 weeks thanks to Astrapouch®’s revolutionary smart nozzle which keeps beverages fresher for longer. Plus, their innovative, durable design flawlessly preserves the integrity of the product, allowing you to quickly serve and enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail.

Consciously made from recycled, lightweight and durable materials that offer an 80% reduced carbon footprint.

Our 1.5 litres bag serves approx 12 - 15 drinks at $7 a pop... wow!

Our 750ml bag serves up 7 drinks a bag.

Ready to drink premium cocktails 

Premium Blanco Tequila, Cointreau and fresh-pressed lime juice 

1.5L or 750ml

Meet Tarti Margi - the most sophisticated tart you will ever meet, she is low in sugar, only likes her limes freshly pressed and the best Tequila you can find. She will be at every party this summer, so make sure you get in early and add her to your list, she is a real crowd pleaser…

Salt your rim, add some ice and pour

Our Margarita is the perfect balance between sweet and sour, no added sugar or preservatives makes this the freshest Margarita you will find.

23% Alc. by Vol.


Mr Black coffee Liquor, local distilled Vodka and ST Ali Cold brew coffee 

1.5L or 750ml

Meet Sassy Essie – Tall, Dark and Mysterious, she's the party gal everyone is lusting after and has them frothing at the lips...

She loves a good shake, a strong coffee and a late-night ... She's a keeper!

Add some ice, give a good shake and pour

Our Sassie Essie is the perfect Espresso Martini blend, shaken with a bit of ice will produce a bar worthy froth on top.

23% Alc. by Vol.

Grapefruit infused Vodka, Fresh pressed lime juice, cranberry juice and Triple Sec.

1.5L or 750ml

Meet Cosmo Carrie - She is the arm candy we all need, naturally sweet, always blush, packs a punch and will likely sweep you off your feet!

Just invite the girls, add some ice and pour...

This is the most refreshing drink perfectly balanced between sweet and sour, no added sugar or preservatives makes this a winning combination

23% Alc. by Vol.

The Go.od Drop's alcohol-free Pina Colada blended with locally distilled golden and white rum and coconut liquor.

1.5L or 750ml

Naughty Nina - The ultimate escape

For rainy days and midnight escapades, Naughty Nina is the Perfect Pina.

She will take you to the ocean and the dunes of the cape... she is the ultimate escape

This delicious special blended Pina Colada is the finest Pina we have ever tasted. Blended to perfection, this is best served over ice.

23% Alc. by Vol.

Easter (11).png

Tricky Vicki Gin Martini

London Dry Gin, Elderflower and Lilet blanc

Our specially crafted Gin martini for the martini and Gin lover.

Small batch distilled on Sydney Northern beaches, our Gin Martini is dry, crisp and zesty with a touch of elderflower.

Tricky Vicki may come in a small package, but she certainly packs a punch! 

Best served chilled, straight up with a twist of lemon

23% Alc by Vol.

3 pack of 750ml

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