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Tricky Vicki Gin Martini

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Our specially crafted Gin martini for the martini and Gin lover.

Small batch distilled at Wildspirits distillery in Brookvale, our Gin Martini is dry, crisp and zesty with a touch of elderflower.

Tricky Vicki may come in a small package, but she certainly packs a punch!

Wildspirirts Dry Gin, Vermouth and Elderflower.

Best served chilled, straight up with a twist of lemon.

23% Alc by Vol.


  • Small batch distilled WildSpirits award-winning Dry Gin, dry Vermouth and a touch of Elderflower.

    750ml bag serves 7.

    Keep refrigerated and serve straight up with a lemon peel.

  • Best kept with your Martini glass in the freezer.