Our Premium blend Espresso Martini, for the connoisseur of a good espresso and martini combined, we have created the ultimate Espresso Martini with Vodka, Mr Black coffee Liquor and St Ali coffee. It doesn't get better than this!


Meet Sassy Essie – Tall, Dark and Mysterious, she's the party gal everyone is lusting after and has them frothing at the lips...


She loves a good shake, a strong coffee and a late-night ... She's a keeper!

Sassie Essie - Espresso Martini

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  • Vodka, Mr Black Coffee Liquor and St Ali cold-pressed coffee

    1,5L serves 12 - 15 per bag and 750ml serves 7 per bag. 

    Thats $7 a cocktail!

    Shake well with ice before pouring