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Discover the best cocktails in Sydney

Whether you've been invited to a friend's birthday party or hosting a gathering yourself, never arrive at the scene empty-handed. Make the celebration more lively by treating everyone to delicious pre-mixed cocktails from Sophisticated Cocktail Co.

As a premier liquor store, we're proud to provide a fine range of pre-mixed cocktails packed with irresistible flavour combinations guaranteed to delight your taste buds and knock your socks off.

Zero added sugars, zero preservatives

Who says cocktails need artificial flavouring to taste good? At Sophisticated Cocktail Co., we ditch the sugar bombs and preservatives to offer the best cocktails in Sydney with clean, crisp flavours that speak for themselves.

No need to shake — just chill and pour

It's drinking hour, and fortunately, you have our pre-mixed cocktails on speed dial. So skip the measuring, muddling and all the mess. Just let them chill in the fridge, and they're ready to serve. Whether you're a casual drinker or a mixology maestro, you'd never find other cocktails that are this easy to enjoy.

Packaged smartly and sustainably

Combining functional and iconic, our pre-mixed cocktail pouches are easy to open, easy to carry, fridge-friendly, quick-chilling and will stay fresh for up to 12 months thanks to Astrapouch®’s revolutionary smart nozzle, which keeps beverages fresher for longer. Plus, their innovative, durable design flawlessly preserves the integrity of the product, allowing you to quickly serve and enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail.

Consciously made from recycled, lightweight and durable materials that offer an 80% reduced carbon footprint. Our 1.5 litres bag serves approx 12 - 15 drinks at $7 a pop... wow! Our 750ml bag serves up 7 drinks a bag.

Can't decide which bags to try? Opt for our 3 or more 750ml bag bundle and get a saving of $5 per bag. Vintage Vinny does not apply, discount is applied at checkout.

Get your premium pre-mixed drinks from Sophisticated Cocktail Co.

Redefine the way you drink your cocktails with Sophisticated Cocktail Co. Browse our range of pre-mixed cocktails today. Want to stack up your fridge with more than one pack? Consider getting our gift boxes or sending them to a friend.

Check out our liquor accessories to elevate your drinking experience and complete your cocktail set-up. Should you have any questions about our pre-mixed cocktails or other collections, feel free to contact us.