Glassware is back, Polycarbonate and cocktail coupes

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Making cocktails, making memories...

A great cocktail should always be shared and never compromised for the sake of convenience.

That is why we have created a range of bar-worthy cocktails that you can share with friends and loved ones wherever you are, without the need for specialised skills, ingredients or equipment.

We have shaken and stirred your favourite cocktails and bagged them in eco-friendly 1.5L and 750ml stand up pouches with a tap.

Our cocktails are crafted using only the finest ingredients, locally grown fresh-pressed fruit, premium alcohol brands, and locally roasted cold brew coffee.

No added sugar or preservatives, we use nitrogen in our pouches to keep the product fresh for up to 12 months before and after opening, due to the pressure-flow tap.

All our bags are locally crafted, and small-batch distilled on Sydney's Northern Beaches, bringing you the best cocktails you will find outside of your favourite bar.

Fathers Day gift Pack - Sophisticated Cocktail Co

Sustainability at the Heart of our Goon Bag

From the beginning, Sophisticated Cocktail Co. sought to create an environmentally responsible product, opting to package our cocktails in AstraPouch stand up pouches or “goon bags” that are made using recycled materials, and have an 80% lower carbon footprint than their glass bottle equivalent.

In 2020, the world will produce 40 billion glass spirit bottles, generating 22 million tons of carbon emissions. With each bottle eliminated, there is a saving of at least 550 grams of carbon emissions, meaning that every cocktail or spirit pour saves 30 grams of emissions.

We continue to employ other strategies to keep our carbon footprint low, such as working with local Australian ingredients from producers like Mr Black and St Ali coffee, East Coast beverages, the GO.OD Drop and other local small-batch distilleries.

We are also working with platforms like the proof and company ecospririts distribution platform wich allows us to access premium spirits in large formats and a closed loop distribution platform.